Tuesday, June 16, 2009

projects leading up to lost families

I first started family/memory/loss of memory projects in my junior year of college, 2003 with the project below. These are replicas from memory of every house i've lived in with my family.
In 2005 i started taking my favorite family photographs from childhood, blurring and enlarging them to 36" x 48" 
This is a project I revisited last summer (2008) with smaller enlargements 24" x 36" and this time including photographs of my mom and aunt as children and incorporating drawing as well. Please see the photography section of my website 

My first foray into actually re-imagining lost families of strangers for pen and ink representation was in 2007 after my best friend Sophie Danner gave me a stash of antique photos for my birthday. This was one of the first ones that I completed. 

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