Thursday, July 29, 2010

Art in a truck, part deux!

After brilliantly showcasing in June 2009, t.c.p. is back for more. t.c.p. will be featuring the works of 4 artists, new to t.c.p. on August 20 at Lola & Maria located at 175 Rivington Street, NYC. The famous t.c.p. U-haul truck will park its wheels on August 21st on 20th St under the High Line Park and August 22nd at McCarren Park in Brooklyn. The featured artists are Luis Garcia, Preston Spurlock, Jarid Rychtarik and Margaret Ward.

The featured artists are invigorating, fresh and hip. Luis Garcia, from California, has created simple yet beautiful photographic pieces, most of which come from a personal perspective. His latest work features portraits of trend setting artists and creatives from Tijuana. Preston Spurlock, from New York City, is an illustrator who is known for fun, colorful and uncensored creations. With his camera he has produced inspiring and thought provoking clips of everyday encounters that are, sometimes, completely random. Jarid Rychtarik, from South Dakota, uses the people he encounters on a daily basis and portrays them in comical and exaggerated ways. His curious and entertaining style of work will be sure to provoke lighthearted fun. Margaret Ward, from New York City, is a painter, mix media sculptor, set designer and print maker. Humor, visuals and the anxiety of urban life around her assist in creating her works. Her latest piece will be a metaphorical landscape where daydreams and obsession meet.

The Cueva Project is now in its second year. After a great showing in the Chelsea district of NYC, the project has grown but its mission statement remains the same – to show off talented artist in interesting environments. This project is purely based on natural impulse and there are no set guidelines or trademarks. t.c.p. really exists to expose art and is a means for artists to create and expose their art freely.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

art in a truck, part deux!

mark your calendars, new artists will be showing new works inside a truck!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Preston Spurlock

I truly truly love Preston. He is so multi-talented. I need to post some of his animation videos in here!

more of Luis Garcia

I met Luis in San Diego, California in 2005. He is just pure talent. I am a fan of his work. Take a peek at some of his recent shots.

Jarid Rychtarick

I met Jarid last year at a theater performance through some mutual friends. I just recently saw his work & thought how unique, hilarious yet very personal. Here are some samples of his past work, enjoy.