Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lost Families

"Prince Valiant and the Michelle Pfeiffer of Bears." Based on the documentary "Grizzly Man"

"I'm Pretty Sure This Is How It Happened." My personal evolutionary theories in triptych form

"Marily, Truman, Wolves." Two of my favorite celebrities who spent most of their adult lives surrounded by wolves. 

Hello All, as our show date quickly approaches I thought I'd throw up some images of past drawings to give you a taste of my style. However, what I'm working on right now is quite different. I've taken a turn for the more sentimental, less tongue in cheek. I've spent the past year or so collecting antique photographs of families who look particularly lost or forlorn. So the series that you'll be seeing at the show is called "Lost Families."
What I've always loved about drawing is the process of spending time with my subject, examining their face, posture, imagining their demeanor and personality. For me, drawing has always let me meticulize these details in a more personal way than painting. Especially with the Lost Families who I find, I feel like drawing them line by line lets me get to know them and fully create their stories in my mind.

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